Schüco Window System AWS 58.NI
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The Schüco AWS 58.NI system is a non-insulated outward-opening window system for facade.

The Schüco AWS 58.NI system is a non-insulated outward-opening window system for facades. The high performance, combined with top-hung and parallel open-out typology with extra safety features, makes it a perfect choice for high-rise buildings and office spaces.

With its large vents and broad opening types, this system helps to create rooms that are flooded with light and offer an outstanding view of the outside.

This system can be seamlessly integrated without adversely affecting the uniform façade geometry and has been performance tested to the highest requirement.

Schüco Window System AWS 58.NI

  • With top-hung vents going up to 2.4m and parallel open-out going up to 3m this system offers a perfect solution for buildings with tall opening requirements.
  • With its high weight carrying capacity, wide openings up to 1.5m are now possible.
  • The system is perfect for tall buildings that are situated at high-rainfall locations, due to a high water tightness of 720 Pa for top hung and 1200 Pa for parallel open-out.
  • With its structural stability to take a wind load of 3000 Pa, it is an ideal choice for high-rise buildings safety catch and engagement catch.
  • The all-new engagement catch, prevents repeated banging, in the event of high winds while the window is left open.
  • A unique safety catch provides a second level of safety. This feature prevents the window from falling out even during an occurrence of an extremely high wind or cyclone.
  • High level of performance in wind load resistance, water tightness and air tightness.
Min. face width 19 mm
Max. glass/panel thickness 32 mm
Max. vent width 1500 mm
Max. vent height 3000 mm
Air permeability Class 4, 600 Pa
Watertightness E 1200​
Wind load resistance 3000 Pa, Class CE3000
Total basic depth 103 mm
Width of vent frame 21 mm
Max. vent weight 200 kg
Min.-max. vent height 750...3000 mm
Min.-max. vent width 550...1500 mm
Outer frame face width 80 mm
Vent frame face width 19 mm
Min.-max. glass/panel thickness 6...32 mm
Area of application External use, Residential projects, Commercial projects, Façades
Concealed fittings system Yes
Opening angle 20 °
Corrosion protection class for fittings Class 4


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