Insect Screens

Protection against insects has become a pressing need in present times. The best way to control insects without using insecticides is with an insect screen.

To keep flies, moths, wasps, and mosquitoes out of your rooms, use insect screens. They are incredibly simple to install almost anyplace and at any time, whether on brand-new structures or during restorations. The screens are more than simply a reliable insect barrier; they also have a classy appearance and are hardly perceptible. All of this is done so that you may read the newspaper or sleep through the night again without being disturbed by buzzing insects. Aditionally, insect screens are effective at improving the hygiene of the kitchen and kids’ rooms. With VIU’s Premium insect screens, you can unwind and enjoy the summer.

Insect Screens

The best way to control insects without using an insecticide is with an insect screen. You can always open your windows to let fresh air into your space. To fit your window type, you can use a sliding insect screen or an insect screen that opens inward. Wood, metal, or uPVC can all be fixed with ease during installation. There are laminates in our whole colour palette available.

Available in white and a variety of laminated colours. The Solex Lamination has undergone testing in a variety of climates and has actually been put to use in India. We presently offer 3 Solid Colors (Ash Black, Grey Aluminium, and Anthracite Grey) and 3 Wood Finish Colors (NutTree, Golden Oak, and Black Cherry). Some of the profiles are ex-stock or can be laminated at our own in-house lamination machine based on your needs. The Solex Range offers a variety of colours as well.


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