uPVC Shutter Systems

Although windows are fantastic for vistas, there are occasions when you wish to totally close them. Since windows are the most common entrance point for robbers, using uPVC Roller Shutters to prevent them makes sense.

Roller Shutters add an additional layer of security, lowering the possibility of glass breakage and your home’s susceptibility to burglary. Additionally, they ensure that you always have total privacy whenever you want it and also act as an additional layer of insulation from heat, cold, noise, and glare.

Shutters add an extra layer of defence for your windows against flying objects when a storm is raging outside. Additionally, heat is kept outside, saving you money on costly energy.

Our tradition of architectural excellence inspires designs for every project and preference, from the traditional to the contemporary. These systems are carefully created for your homes, workspaces and other important locations.

uPVC Shutter Systems

With the aid of a unique clipper system, the inner flanks of our shutter system may be opened forward. Depending on the installation details, the shutters are classified into two groups: wall mounting and frame mounting. For the shutter systems, you can select from white and laminated alternatives in various colours. Depending on the area, arched shutter systems can be produced.

The shutter system has been trusted for years and works with all UPVC window systems.

Available in white and a variety of laminated colours. The Solex Lamination has undergone testing in a variety of climates and has actually been put to use in India. We presently offer 3 Solid Colors (Ash Black, Grey Aluminium, and Anthracite Grey) and 3 Wood Finish Colors (NutTree, Golden Oak, and Black Cherry). Some of the profiles are ex-stock or can be laminated at our own in-house lamination machine based on your needs. The Solex Range offers a variety of colours as well.


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