Schüco Aluminum Sliding System AS ICD 50.NI
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Non-insulated sliding and lift-and slide system, with a wide variety of design options.

AS ICD 50.NI sliding and lift-and-slide system which provides a high-performance with a wide variety of architectural possibilities.

Smooth operation for open and close cycles, even on vents with high dimensions combined with heavy glasses.

Options to achieve high watertightness performance, due to possibility to use special bottom outer frames.

Different interlock combinations, making possible the useful of a classic design, with more apparent aluminum or an option to use narrow interlock section (with 40mm width), resulting in a system with a slim appearance.

Multi-track, zero-level threshold, 90° corner and in-wall solution gives more freedom to the architects, without harming system performance.

Schüco Aluminum Sliding System AS ICD 50.NI

  • Wide variety of opening types for single, double, triple or multi-track outer frames.
  • Easy, smooth and silent operation with a high-performance system.
  • Can be used with classic or slim interlock section.
  • In-wall solution with very flexible design, making adjustments easily on site.
Min. vent height 650 mm
Max. vent height 4500 mm
Max. vent width 3000 mm
Min. face width of interlocking section 40 mm
Min. system basic depth 120 mm
Min.-max. system basic depth 120...192 mm
Watertightness E 900​, 900 Pa
Operating type manual Max. vent weight 500 kg
Max. glass/panel thickness 36 mm
Total basic depth 192 mm
Outer frame face width 80 mm
Min. face width of mullion 40 mm
Min. face width of meeting stile 186 mm
Area of application Residential projects
Number of tracks Single track, Double track, Triple track, Mehrflügelig
Track material Stainless steel
Surface finishes Powder, Anodised, Paint
Opening type Type 1A, Type 1B, Type 1D, Type 2A, Type 2A/1, Type 2B, Type 2C, Type 2D, Type 2D/1, Type 3E, Type 3E/1, Type 3F, Type 1, Type 2, Type 3, Type 4, Type 5, Type 6, Type 2E, Type 4E, Type 4E/1, Type 4F, Type 4F/1
Air permeability Class 4, 600 Pa
Wind load resistance 3000 Pa, Class CE3000


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