Schüco Door System ADS 65
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Multifunctional, cost-efficient door solution with good thermal insulation

The attractive solution for entrance and exit areas which combines good thermal insulation with functionality, design and efficiency: thanks to a wide variety of fittings options the Schüco ADS 65 door system can also be used as a multifunctional door, including integration in building security and automation systems.

A further advantage of the robust aluminium system is its wide selection of design options and possible uses in the building envelope: rounded SL (Soft Line) leaf contours and bevelled RL (Residential Line) external contours, as well as the HD (Heavy Duty) design which, as a door construction able to withstand high loading, is best suited for heavily used entrance areas in commercial buildings.

Schüco Door System ADS 65

  • Narrow face widths
  • A high standard of security: burglar resistance in accordance with DIN EN 1627
  • Attractive design options: designs with bevelled (Residential Line) and rounded (Soft Line) leaf contours
Uf value of frame (≥) 2.2 W/(m²·K)
Max. height 2500 mm
Max. width 1250 mm
Max. glass/panel thickness 45 mm
Max. vent weight 150 kg
Area of application External use, Residential projects, Commercial projects
Air permeability Class 2
Watertightness Class 5A
Wind load resistance Class C3
Burglar resistance Up to RC3
Impact resistance Class 1
Min.-max. height ...2500 mm
Min.-max. width ...1250 mm
Min. face width 147 mm
Min.-max. glass/panel thickness 4...45 mm
Type of design Single-vent, Double-vent, Single-vent and side section, Double-vent and side section, Single-vent with toplight, Double-vent with toplight, Single-vent with toplight and side section, Double-vent with toplight and side section, Single-vent with side section, right, Single-vent with side section, left, Single-vent with side section, right and left, Single-vent with side section and toplight, Double-vent with side section, right, Double-vent with side section, left, Double-vent with side section, right and left
Vent option All around, Sill rail profile, Adjustable sill
Infill type Insert panel infill, Door infill, leaf enclosing on one side, Door infill, leaf-enclosing on two sides
Door threshold Aluminium, PVC-U, Automatic door gasket, Flat door threshold
Opening type Side-hung, Inward and outward
DIN direction DIN LH / RH
Mechanical strength Class 3
Proof of durability Class 5
Behaviour between different climates Class 3(d),3(e)
Max. sound reduction index Rwp 43 dB(A)
CE marking Yes


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