Schüco Folding Sliding System ASS 70 FD
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Thermally insulated bi-fold system with large selection of types, quiet running and outstanding weathertightness

The thermally insulated Schüco ASS 70 FD (Folding Door) bi-fold system impresses with narrow face widths and offers a wide range of types with outstanding weathertightness for use in outdoor areas.

The visually appealing system opens up a variety of design options thanks to attractive opening types, such as the 90° corner including a flat, thermally insulated threshold for barrier-free access.

The magnetic retaining catch with an elegant design and matching flat door handle is available as an additional design option.

The flexible and quiet vent stacks can be folded to the right, left, inwards or outwards as required.

Schüco Folding Sliding System ASS 70 FD

  • Flat threshold with a high level of watertightness for universal use with added comfort
  • Inward and outward-opening option with 90° corner enhances the design range
  • Magnetic retaining catch in an elegant design allows the vent to be secured when folded
  • Wide range of colours: different colours on the outside and inside possible
  • Vent stacks can be folded to the right, left, inwards or outwards
  • System is compatible with the Schüco AWS 70 BS.HI (Block System High Insulated) window system: a window vent can be integrated as a turn/tilt vent into the folding vent
Min. vent height 500 mm
Max. vent height 3000 mm
Min.-max. vent height 500...3000 mm
Min. vent width 500 mm
Max. vent width 1500 mm
Min.-max. vent width 500...1500 mm
Vent frame face width 54 mm
Min. face width of interlocking section 120 mm
Min. system basic depth 70 mm
Min.-max. system basic depth 70...80 mm
Uw value of window (≥) 2.4 W/(m²·K)
Max. sound reduction index Rwp 44 dB(A)
Watertightness Class 9A
Burglar resistance Up to RC 2
Operating type manual
Max. vent weight 150 kg
Min. face width 120 mm
Max. glass/panel thickness 45 mm
Uf value of frame (≥) 2.4 W/(m²·K)
Total basic depth 80 mm
Width of vent frame 70 mm
Max. unit width 16800 mm
Max. unit height 3000 mm
Outer frame face width 60 mm
Min. face width of mullion 120 mm
Min.-max. face width of mullion 120...164 mm
Min. face width of meeting stile 136.5 mm
Min.-max. face width of meeting stile 136.5...162.5 mm
Min.-max. glass/panel thickness 6...45 mm
Threshold height < 12,5 mm
Area of application External use, Residential projects
Shear bond Yes
Meeting stile design Yes
Number of tracks Single track
Track material Stainless steel
Surface finishes Powder, Anodised, Paint
Concealed lock Yes
Fittings installation Barrel hinge
Opening type Type 1, Type 2, Type 3, Type 3.1, Type 4, Type 5, Type 6, Type 6/90°
Mechanical strength Class 4
Air permeability Class 4
Wind resistance deflection Class C3 / B3
Wind load resistance Class C3 / B3
Drainage levels 2
Colour-independent Yes


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