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Till how long are these products going to stay? Are these very sensitive?

Glass is quite a sensitive object and needs to be handled with care. But if handled with care, it stays for many years, It would be fallacious to say that our glass doors are unbreakable but glass needs to be selected carefully based on the requirements of the house / dwelling where it will be used. We provide a 10-year warranty on our products including manufacturing and workmanship. Schuco with a brand presence in more than 80 countries adds on more reliability and comfort to the customers backed by the excellence of Duromax.

How can we take care of our Glass windows and doors to ensure they long last?

We tend to ignore taking care of doors and windows that much considering they don’t need any of it as they are immovable. However, like any other assets at your home or workspaces, they also need maintenance and care. Few easy tips for taking care of your glass doors and windows are :

  • Wiping these doors and windows to make sure it’s squeaky clean. Try cleaning with a microfiber cloth or noncorrosive cleaners.
  • Use Lubricating oil for movable metal parts
  • Using a squeegee can help you clean your glass doors and windows really well.
  • If you need to clean the unreachable corners of your windows, clean them with Cotton swabs.
How to design your workplace?

With so much expansion and competition around, we not only work..we work at lightening fast speeds. With so many targets to accomplish and so many deadlines to be met. I\it becomes a very important responsibility for any office or its employees to have a work culture where they feel productive and motivated to strive better, at the same time their well-being is also taken care of. Workplaces designed in the right way can have a significantly positive effect on our employee’s minds, health, and work performance.  A workplace can be a corporation, firm, organization, and more. It is important for us to design and arrange our workplace carefully in order to ensure systematic working. With our in-depth research, we have found out few tips and tricks to enhance your workplace.

Add greenery to your workplace – Green color is soothing to the eyes and can make people feel more positive. Moreover, it can increase productivity and replenish focus. Plants can improve the air quality and can even add to Workspace decor. It is often found out that employees in lush green offices are happier than offices with no or less greenery. Adding green plants and flowers to your office can make the work environment way much better.

Play with color and lighting – It’s an undeniable fact that colors have a huge impact on our minds.  Colors can break the monotony and influence the mind in different ways. Colors have the capability to energize you, make you think creatively, and do so much more. Lighting on the contrary again can boost the mood of your employees. Employees want to work under good lighting. Lighting done in the right manner can boost the organization’s workers and can amp up the atmosphere manifold.

Balancing space – Allocation of space is what is the most important of all. One can make small spaces look spacious or huge spaces look compact with the right way of space allocation. Any space can be balanced by adding furniture, accessories, wall hangings, and more.  Wall colors and designs also play a significant role in making any given area look spacious. Light or bright colors can make any area look vast whereas if you have enough space you may try experimenting with different colors and shades.

Use glass windows – Glass windows can allow more light to enter your office leading to comparatively less consumption of Lighting resulting in saving enormous costs. Glass windows can also help you see what’s happening outside saving you from doing a lot of back and forth. Research has revealed, offices with windows can improve employees’ focus, productivity, overall health, and much more. Not only Glass windows but also Glass doors are perfect for offices as it ensures visibility. Glass doors also make the area look spacious. There are a huge variety of Glass doors and windows available as per the requirement of customers. To explore more refer to our Product Description.

How to take care of uPVC Windows?

Clean the window frame with a soft cloth or sponge and a pail of warm, soapy water. Do not use scouring pads since they risk damaging the uPVC’s shiny sheen and causing scratches.

Make sure to wash down the uPVC with warm, soapy water at least twice a year, then dry it off. Use a clear liquid spray glass cleaner to clean the glass regularly. Never paint uPVC window frames or use mildly abrasive paste or cream cleaners.

Do uPVC Windows need maintenance?

With uPVC windows, very little care is required. You only need to maintain the functional components and keep them clean, and you don’t need to worry about repainting or weatherproofing.

What is the lifespan of uPVC windows and doors?

If your uPVC windows and doors were placed in 1999, they could require replacing or at least repairing by now. A uPVC window can usually last around 20 years, though this can range between 10-35 years depending on the quality and upkeep.


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