Sliding Doors

ASS Smartstop
Innovation for expanded security and simplified sliding and lift-and-slide frameworks 
Schüco SmartStop with imaginative innovation sets a new standard in operating safety and comfort for sliding and lift-and-slide frameworks. When shutting, the moving vent is halted delicately and securely outside of the conceivable squashing zone through a safeguard component – even when speeding up quickly. The vent would then be able to be driven into the external edge and physically locked.

ASS Smartclose 
Groundbreaking technology for increased security and ease of operation of sliding and lift-and-slide systems
Schüco SmartClose sets the benchmark in the secure and comfortable operation of sliding and lift-and-slide systems. An inventive safeguard component tenderly however successfully stops the moving vent and pulls it quietly into its end position in the external casing. The vent then, at that point, just should be locked manually utilizing the handle.
One major advantage of spearheading innovation profile-integrated solution is that it’s incorporated invisibly into the harmonious sliding and lift-and-slide design.

Sliding Doors

Schüco Sliding System ASS 39 PD.NI – Non-insulated sliding system with Panorama Design – can be used flexibly in warm climate zones and for interiors

Highly transparent solutions for areas without thermal insulation requirements. With floor-to-ceiling glazing, the Schüco ASS 39 PD.NI (Panorama Design Non-Insulated) sliding system ensures visually flowing transitions in the interior and to the outside. The extraordinary sliding system with the option of concealed, handle-free operation in the interlock section or elegant continuous pull grip captivates with its clear, homogeneous appearance.

Schüco TropTec Sliding System AS 39 SC.NI- Non-insulated sliding system with a high degree of flexibility to meet the requirements in functionality as well as design

Schüco TropTec AS 39 SC.NI: The Schüco TropTec™ AS 39 SC.NI (non-insulated) is an aluminium sliding system with a high degree of flexibility to meet the requirements in functionality as well as design. The high wind load resistance of up to 3000 Pa allows a wide range of applications such as villas, multistorey buildings in both the residential and commercial sector, coastal areas, interior regions and hill stations. The rich variety of options based on single, double, triple and quadruple monolithic outer frames allow a virtually unlimited range of different sliding system solutions to be implemented.


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