The most important feature of any architectural design, windows are a huge source of fresh air, scenic views and so much more. Windows let you see through. They assure just the perfect amount of light while additionally giving adequate protection. Be it for a newly built structure or a remodel, windows are available in a wide range of basic depths, heights and opening styles . Find the ideal window for every spot in your living space – from obstruction-free and sound insulation to display windows with the most slimline face widths.

Antimicrobial covering for window handles and profiles 
Cleanliness concerns keep on rising, particularly in regions like schools, medical clinics, nursing homes, nurseries, and public buildimgs. With the first-ever antimicrobial surface finish for window handles. Schüco SmartActive can be used flexibly on the window system

The new Schüco TropTec UC 65 SG.NI façade framework 
The new Schüco TropTec UC 65 SG.NI façade system with an all-glass look allows for storey-height prefabricated façade units (SG). Newly developed for the market, this framework ensures especially smoothed out and appealing structure plans. This is further aided by the continuous narrow face width.  The façade can be constructed with single glazing up to 8 mm and insulating glass up to 26 mm.
Especially built for high wind loads and large dimensions, this product is designed as an outward-opening, projected top-hung window and can be fitted with double insulating glass


Schüco TropTec AW 40.NI – outward-opening aluminium window system developed on the basis of European quality standards.

The Schüco TropTec AW 40.NI is an outward-opening non-insulated aluminium window system. The aluminium window system provides an attractive range of opening and integration types. German engineering in combination with European quality standards facilitates the best solution for the high-end requirements of the aluminium window markets in tropical areas.

The TropTec SC 50.NI aluminum exterior framework gives adaptable mullion/transom developments that consolidate adaptability and proficient creation with a la mode configuration offering an eye-grabbing  outlined look of the Facade

This facade system provides the most alluring all-glass look with the SG choice (TropTec 50 SG.NI). This aluminum facade has been explicitly evolved to meet the prerequisites of business sectors with heat and humidities, which makes it most suitable for places with high wind loads and heavy downpours.

The Schüco TropTec SC 50 SG.NI structural glazing aluminum façade system

The Schüco TropTec SC 50 SG.NI underlying frosting aluminum façade framework can allure anyone with its extraordinary plan offering an all-glass look outwardly with thin profiles of just 50 mm within. The profoundly strong mullion/transom development consolidates energy efficiency, adaptability, and proficient manufacturing. The unique necessities of business sectors with heat and humidities have been fused into the primary coating façade framework, which makes it amazing in locales with high wind loads and heavy rainfall.


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