Nov 10 2023

Looking for the best uPVC doors in Gurgaon?

If you are looking to install new doors and windows or replace old ones in your home or office in Gurgaon, uPVC is one of the best options to consider. These doors and windows provide many advantages as compared to traditional materials like wood or metal. They are affordable, durable, noise-proof, weatherproof, and require deficient maintenance. 

No wonder uPVC doors are becoming the top choice for many homeowners and builders. But with so many door manufacturers and suppliers in Gurgaon, how do you ensure you get the right quality products for your needs? This is where choosing a leading uPVC brand like Duromax Building Systems makes all the difference.

Why Choose Us?

Duromax as the leading and most trusted uPVC doors manufacturer in Gurgaon, delivers high-quality windows and doors. Our fenestration is popular because of its excellent blend of quality and aesthetics that meet the needs of our customers. At the best possible price, you can choose from a range of high-quality windows and doors.

Quality Product

We offer a wide range of uPVC products to improve the safety and beauty of your home.

Customer satisfaction

To meet the demands of our clients, we provide services that are excellent and high quality.

Wide Range of Products

Our products have a reputation for being of the highest quality, and having exclusive ranges. Hence you have a valid and very supportive reason to purchase uPVC Doors.

What can we expect from you?

uPVC is prepared using a durable and strong material, Poly Vinyl Chloride or PVC. The material used is superior, resulting in a range of products that are strong and durable.

  • Keeps unwanted outdoor sounds away
  • Leakproof windows
  • The material is flame-resistant
  • Eco-friendly and corrosion-free
  • Low-maintenance
  • Energy-efficient

Investing in windows and doors made of uPVC will help you keep your house warm during winter and cool throughout the summer.

Benefits and Features of uPVC Doors vs Wood or Aluminium

uPVC is the most popular window and door framing system in the entire world. In India, this material has also gained popularity due to its features and benefits compared to Wooden and Aluminium. You should compare these features and benefits to other materials if you’re planning on renovating your home or business.

Although the differences are limitless, a major difference is that uPVC is less expensive than wooden or aluminum doors. This is because it is not subject to the denting and painting process required by the normal doors.

  • Door deformation due to Profile expansion and contraction.
  • Heat Resistant
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Termite Resistance
  • Color Fade Resistant

uPVC Sliding Doors:

The rideover mechanism makes it very simple to operate. The sliding doors are made up of more than two sashes, which slide in a horizontal direction. It can move in the left or right direction. We produce according to your specifications based on the size, wind load, insulation, and design. The same ride-over mechanism that operates the slider windows also operates the sliding doors. It can be shifted from right to left or left to right. The addition of sashes will increase both the width and length. Tracks are kept clean to make the movement smoother. 

These sliding doors are extremely durable, and they can be operated with ease. They are operated by a ride-over mechanism. We offer sliding doors and window designs in different colors that suit your needs.

uPVC Casement Door:

It opens inwards as well as outwards. With the outer sash, it can open either inside or out. Designs can be different due to the top hung, sides hung, and fixed. Our casement doors come in a variety of designs and patterns. These vary due to the wind pressure or insulation. Casement doors work like casement windows. It uses the same mechanism as windows and opens both inwards and outwards. Our casement doors and windows are available in a wide range of colors and styles that will enhance the look and feel of your home.

Design your Little Paradise With the Best uPVC Doors Manufacturers in India

With modern interior design, more people are choosing uPVC for their doors when they build or renovate their homes. The reasons why these fenestration systems gained popularity with buyers and in the market are sleek looks, affordable, super durable, and energy efficient.

uPVC doors are the best option for those who live in highrises, where there is not much room to install traditional doors and windows. Duromax Building Systems can assure you that your doors and windows will be a great investment.

We at Duromax Building Systems manufacture quality aluminium and uPVC doors & windows of an immaculate combination of excellence and quality meeting the needs of its esteemed clients 

The frames of these doors are designed to provide a superior product range in the market. The exclusive doors are made from the highest quality raw materials to deliver a classy range of uPVC, Aluminum Doors, and Windows in Gurgaon, India.


As we deliver the highest quality of architecture with security, comfort, and design