Nov 15 2023

Georgian Bar Windows

Georgian traditional windows are characterized by a distinctive and beautiful style. Unique glazing bars make the whole window appear smart, striking, and uniform. These windows let in natural light and beautifully open up the inside of a property. Sash windows were popular during the Georgian era. As the century progressed the number and size of panes reduced, while the glazing bars became thinner.

These reliable, durable, and cost-effective new Georgian Bar systems can give your home or commercial space a truly authentic appearance. Also, this system is quick and easy to install.

What can you get from us?

We produce door and window systems in our factory at Rohtak. We can therefore customize each product to satisfy your specific requirements.

Quick and Simple Installation

Our Georgian bar installation is too easy due to its simple clip design. They are easy to install on-site. Also, there is no chance of it falling out as in the case with stick-on bars. These are compatible with all other new profiles.

Customization Options

We know how important it is for you to have the perfect window design. Choose what kind of finish or color (such as white ash or rosewood) you want in your Georgian Bar System. For a more authentic look, we are offering options such as half-Georgian or Georgian bars.
If you’re not sure which option to choose, our experts are happy to guide you.

Benefits of Georgian Bar Windows

Noise Reduction: With our made-in-India windows, you can enhance life quality as our bar windows are designed in such a way that no noise will enter your house without compromising on their traditional look.

Eco-glazing: We have a strong commitment towards our planet so we use eco-glazing in our A-rated windows to reduce carbon emissions and maximize energy savings.

Privacy: These windows also help to create privacy by limiting the amount that can be seen from outside, while allowing in plenty of light.

What’s the difference between Georgian bars and Astragal?

Georgian bars, as per tradition, are placed inside the glass so they can’t be felt. This is a different process, and the bars need to be inserted before the double-glazing unit has been sealed with gas. 

Astragal bars will be placed outside the window. You can feel them by running your hand across the glass. Astragal bars are an inexpensive option but the raised effect is not for everyone.

More durable and Authentic option instead of ‘stick on’ bars

Duromax’s new Georgian Bar System uses adhesive center clips and edge clips around the window-sealed glazing units. The clips keep the bars firmly in position, and the mitered ends of the bars allow them to be inserted comfortably into the joint. We use a special adhesive designed to stay strong no matter what the weather. This is unlike other adhesives that become weaker and less effective due to changes in temperature or excessive rain. Both bars are separated from each other to give a perfect finished look.

What are the best places to install windows with Georgian bars in your home?

You can use them in the following areas:

  • Bathrooms
  • Living Rooms
  • Hallways
  • Bedrooms
  • Entry Doors

These bar windows don’t look good in certain areas.

  • Kitchens
  • Dining Rooms
  • Conservatories
  • French doors

They can be used to prevent people from looking into the room. In general, they should be placed in rooms that are either private or face a public area. They do not work in areas that require a great deal of light.

Georgian Bar Window for Authentic Double Glazing Installations

These windows provide a more traditional look while still providing the functionality that a modern window offers.

Our creative designers and expert installers can provide Georgian bars for windows in many styles. We offer a high-quality product with customization options so that installed doors and windows in your space are completely of your choice. We offer a free in-home survey. Our friendly team will contact you as soon as they can.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Georgian Bar Window?

Georgian bars can be added to a glass window. It features horizontal and/or vertical bars that are made from wood, aluminum, or UPVC. The Georgian bar gives the illusion of having multiple windows.

What is an Astragal Bar?

Astragal bars are applied on a single sheet of glazing. Georgian bars run through the glazing. They are sandwiched by two layers of glass.

How do Georgian bars work?

Georgian bars can be fitted between the layers of double-glazed glass. These will be installed by a manufacturer while making the window.

Can you add Georgian bars on the windows?

No. It’s very difficult to add a Georgian bar to existing windows. Georgian bars can only be installed by removing the entire window and then reassembling it. This is time-consuming, impractical, and produces an unattractive result.


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